• Patient A Approached LJM Ear Care after experiencing continuous discomfort in their ears, After a holiday, they returned home and had complete hearing loss with a feeling of being underwater. The initial objective of approaching LJM Ear Care was to see if anything was visible in the ear canal for removal or if we needed to consult with our ENT specialist through the Tympa panel. We advised they should begin with using olive oil spray so that wax may be softened prior to the initial appointment.

    During examination at the first appointment, there was clearly a long term buildup of wax in both ear canals, with none of the eardrum visible. We were able to remove some of the wax, but Patient A required a second appointment and possibly more due to the severity.


    One week after the initial appointment and regular use of the olive oil ear spray, we attempted micro-suctioning the wax again. This appointment took longer than normal, with using carful precision and having to gently ease the soft wax away from the ear canal wall so that a strong suction could be made between the zoellner and wax. Eventually what was removed besides a large piece of wax was also a large amount of dead skin which had been blocked in by the wax. We were then able to carry out a full examination of the ear drum which appeared clear and healthy.


    Patient A said they instantly felt the pressure gone and could hear every sound again, they were extremely happy to have recieved excellent and professional care from the outset of their treatment and were very satisfied with the experience.